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Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD) 1 Day


Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD) 1 Day


The most popular day trip for anyone!

DSD is the introduction to SCUBA diving. This is a great way to find out if SCUBA diving is for you. Additionally, the skills learned during DSD can be credited if you later decide to take SCUBA diver courses or Open Water courses. DSD certificate will be granted upon the completion.

  • Learn the basic skills for using SCUBA equipment
  • Discover the magic as your take your first breath underwater
  • Explore marine life in the sea

This is also known as an Intro-Dive course. The program is conducted by a professional instructor. Spend a day on a dive boat and enjoy 2 brilliant dives at Racha Yai Island. You will be delighted with the crystal clear water, the various species of fish, and the colorful coral.
Take DSD and bring home the exceptional diving experiences!

Price: 4,500 THB
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SCUBA diver courses 2 Days


Even if your time is limited, you can become a certified diver with this course that is a portion of the Open Water Course. At another time, you can upgrade your certification to Open Water Diver.

  • Learn about SCUBA diving theory
  • Learn about SCUBA diving equipment; how to prepare it, take care of it, and how to use it safely underwater.
  • Practice diving skills in swimming pool
  • Make 2 impressive dives in Open Water
  • Dive to the maximum depth of 12 meters
Price: 10,000 THB
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Rescue Diver course 2 Days


Most divers find the Rescue Diver course very challenging and "serious fun". It teaches you to be prepared and ready for unpleasant events that might occur. You will be trained in various rescue skills.

  • How to recognize a problem
  • How to rescue yourself or a buddy
  • How to rescue divers on the surface and underwater.

Because your safety is so important, you should know how to rescue properly before attempting to do so.

Price: 11,000 THB
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Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) 2 Days


Once diving has become a part of your life, don't let surface interval and no decompression time restrict you from having fun. Take EANx course to increase your enjoyment of your time underwater!

  • Learn the theory of how enriched air affects your body when you dive and how it allows you to stay underwater longer and shorten your surface intervals.
  • Learn how to plan dives with EANx
  • Learn how to check the gas mixed in your tank
  • This is a great choice for a specialty course!
Price: 7,000 THB
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Open Water Diver course 3 Days


This is where the journey to the underwater world officially begins. Become a certified diver by taking the Open Water Diver course!

  • Learn the theory of SCUBA diving and how to perform SCUBA safely.
  • Learn about SCUBA diving equipment; how to prepare it, take care of it, and how to use it safely underwater.
  • Practice skills in a swimming pool until you are ready …
  • Enjoy 4 dives in open water, diving to a maximum depth of 18 meters, to ensure your mastery of diving skills.

By the completion of the course, you will have learned how to dive safely and with confidence.




Price: 13,000 THB
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Advanced Open Water Diver 2 Days


Improve your diving skill and be more comfortable underwater by taking this Advanced Open Water Diver course. With 5 exciting dives, you will learn …

  • To navigate underwater, using a compass.
  • To dive deep, descending to a maximum depth of 30 meters.
  • To improve your buoyancy control skill

And you may select the 3 adventure dives of your choice. This course can be taken right after finishing the Open Water Diver course.



Price: 11,000 THB
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Emergency First Response (EFR) 4-5 Hr.


More than being a prerequisite of the Rescue Diver course, this course is excellent for everyone, not just divers. In it you will learn

  • The first steps in dealing with an emergency
  • Safe practice in helping victims before emergency medical services arrive
  • CPR and first aid




Price: 5,000 THB
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